Become a Distributor

Allwood products are sold exclusively through our distributors nationwide in North America, and dealers in the area that distributors are not present.

At Allwood, we are committed to the success of our distributors and dealers. We offer quality and consistent products, competitive prices, fast shipping, advertisement, and every convenience possible to better assist you in promoting and selling the Allwood products. You will find all the reasons to become an Allwood distributor or dealer, and all the information needed from our Distributor/Dealer Center or Distributor Reference Guide.

Distributor qualification is simple!

  • Your distribution location cannot be in the territory where an Allwood distributor/dealer already exists.
  • The Allwood samples must be installed in your showroom. See our Sample Program and Samples Order Form.
  • A product training session is required to familiarize your sales and marketing personnel with the complete Allwood product line. You will also be shown how to best take advantage of the Allwood website as your source of technical and sales information.

Distributor/dealer will receive the commitments from Allwood in return which are listed in our Distributor/Dealer Agreement.